Christmas baubles

with logo print


You are looking for a exceptional advertising material or an unique decoration? You require a new incentive item? You are searching for a different product which assures you to get noticed and stand out from the crowd!

Free simulation of your Christmasball

Minimum quantity: 250 PCs.
Upload your motive (or the motive or logo of your customer) and that’s it!
You will get nice simulations of Christmasballs back in short time.
Your own motive on a christmasball ... that enthused everyone ...

Many Thanks!

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  • Printing

    Print technology for which the printing plate is a template.
    Onto this template a close meshed fabric is put and through this fabric the colour is transferred onto the print area of the bauble.

    What is possible:
    • Simple logos or text
    • Only 1-colour
    • Around-the-bauble printing possible
    • 3D print, which means that the print is highlighted with glitter

    A silicone pad takes the motive from a low pressure printing plate and “print” it on the bauble
    (like a stamp). Because of rapid drying of the colours it is possible to print up to 5 colours consecutively and on top of each colour.

    What is possible:
    • High precision of the print
    • Simple logos text up to detailed pictures one-coloured or 4-5 coloured.
    • Printing only possible at one side of the bauble and/or at two sides

  • A round thing with Eye-catching guarantee!
  • Packing in boxes, in trays or single-packing
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